Janna Berg Klussmann was born 8/12/1962, died on 6/20/2004. Janna was one of those quality individuals, whose goal in life was be helpful to others. Janna is remembered as a loving partner to her husband, terrific mother to her four children, great daughter to her parents, wonderful sibling to her sister and brothers, awesome aunt to her nieces and nephews, and compassionate friend to many. Her time on this earth was not long enough, because of the poor decisions of a drunk driver. But Janna would not like us to spend our time mourning. She would want us to remember the days we spent together and smile, and live each moment to the fullest.


My name is Marla Blanton. I live in Loveland, Colorado and speak on the Victims’ Impact Panel. I speak about my sister Janna Berg Klussmann, who was killed by a drunk driver in Cheyenne, Wyoming, on a Father’s Day, on her son’s first birthday. Telling the story about Janna and the impact this has had on our family’s lives is difficult. Yet I do it because all of us on the panel are witnesses to the damage and destruction drinking and driving can do. And we would like to prevent this from happening to someone else by making people think about the choices they make – that after drinking they can take a cab, call someone for a ride, etc. They do not need to get into the driver’s seat. It’s all about choices.


Chief Kozak Brian Kozak was the Chief of Police for the Cheyenne Police Department, which has launched many innovative programs designed to reduce impaired driving and underage possession of alcohol. Chief Kozak spent a large portion of his career serving as a motorcycle officer with the Vehicular Crimes Unit / DUI Squad in Mesa, AZ. He has evaluated over 6,000 individuals for DUI offenses and investigated over 200 fatal crashes. Chief Kozak shares graphic real life and death accounts of his investigations while emphasizing how police officers and the community are effected by drunk driving, leading to zero tolerance enforcement strategies.


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